Karen Spiewak 
for State Representative 6th Worcester District
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I truly believe accountability and transparency are two central pillars of good governance. That is why I am inviting you to review my campaign finance reports available on-line by going to http://ocpf.cloudapp.net/
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Stronger Representation
 so Government Works for You

As your representative, I will be accessible, accountable and focus on fixing the problem, rather than fixing the blame. 

I am community focused and results driven.

That's the Spiewak Difference!

"My name is Barbara Frederick and I am the executive director of Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary. I endorse Karen Spiewak for State Representative. She has been a long time supporter of Capen Hill and always has looked out for our interests. Because of Karen, I was notified of a state grant and the deadline to apply and in return we received $27,800 for a new septic system. Without her, this project would not have happened! Karen, you have my endorsement and thank you so much for caring about the sanctuary!"
Barbara Frederick, Executive Director Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary

"It is with great pride that I express my strong support and endorsement for Karen Spiewak in her run for State Representative of the Sixth Worcester District. Karen doesn’t simply talk the talk she walks the walk and has done so for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years I’ve watched her and listened to her encourage others to support local businesses, to care about our environment and our educational system, to pay attention to what our elected officials are doing, and to be involved as each of us can make a difference. She is passionate about a strong educational system and about healthy living. She understands that overall wellness is key to a healthy community. Karen has demonstrated her commitment by actively serving on many educational committees, as trustee for the local library, on the board of directors at a local health care organization and has volunteered tirelessly. I stand back and watch Karen in awe of her commitment and dedication. She is tenacious and passionate about making a difference and I feel that if anyone can – she CAN! I would encourage anyone who wants a state representative that will serve honestly and passionately, to vote for Karen. Respectfully,"
Lynn F. Desforges, Spencer

"I am supporting the candidacy of Karen Spiewak for State Representative in the 6th Worcester District of Massachusetts. I worked with Karen on the Library Building project. As a leader, she did what leaders do: Work together with others involved in the project, led a very successful fund-raising effort in the Library's behalf, and helped significantly with the negotiations with DEP. This is what leaders do: they work together with other people to accomplish goals. Karen is a great leader! The fundraising committee had many great people working together for the common goal. I still thank and congratulate them for their tremendous efforts and thank Karen and the other members for their work."
Joe Haebler, Charlton

"I met Karen through volunteering. We were Co-chairs of the “Make Our Treasure Shine” million dollar capital campaign for the Charlton Public Library. Since then we have worked on several charitable committees, and work together for community health education projects. She is the most dedicated person I know. Whatever project Karen commits to, whether it’s a volunteer position or a paid job, you can count on her to research details, organize, ask pertinent questions, and follow through till the job is complete and successful. She has a positive, “can do” attitude that is always accompanied with a smile. Her compassion and dedication to her family, friends, volunteer and community will serve her well as State Representative. I am very proud to call Karen Spiewak my friend! Make a great choice and please vote for Karen! Healthfully,"
Elizabeth (Betsy) Peppel, Charlton

"We must elect a state representative who will work for us, and with us. At this critical time in the history of our community, when crucial decisions must be made on issues important to us all, and especially, education, health care, and job creation, Karen Spiewak will represent our best interests. She has proven her commitment to us by decades of service to the community, and she will continue to work with us, and for us, as the representative of the 6th Worcester District."
"Karen Spiewak has been building bridges for more than twenty years, helping to find solutions to the problems we share. She works in cooperation with others to achieve results. As our state representative, she will continue to dedicate her energy, intelligence, and experience to solving our problems, helping our towns to move forward to a healthy and prosperous future".
Geraldo Alicea, Former State Representative, 6th Worcester District

"For as long as I can remember since moving to Charlton, Karen Spiewak has been a positive presence in this town and surrounding communities. I doubt there is a person in district 6 whose life has not been impacted in some way by her efforts, whether they know it or not. As a member of the Dudley-Charlton School Committee, Library Trustee, in her work with Harrington Hospital or Old Sturbridge Village, she has been a tireless fundraiser, grant writer and advocate for regional job creation, lifelong learning opportunities, health and safety related issues. Most of all, Karen is not one to stand there taking credit for what others have accomplished. She gets the job done."
Robert Hartwig, Charlton

I've covered, met, worked with and served with a number of elected officials in the region, and Karen Spiewak is one of the most effective, intelligent, and hard-working public servants I've had the pleasure to have met. Karen does her homework, speaks her mind, and works hard to achieve the goals she sets for herself and those she serves.
Shaun Moriarty, Southbridge

Karen is one of the most thorough, organized, and hard-working women I have ever met! I have had the pleasure of working with Karen in the Development capacity and she shows conviction in her follow-through and in the nurturing of donors. I value Karen’s opinion and I am proud to support her for Democratic Candidate for the Representative of the 6th Worcester District!
Pam Zouranjian Connor, Milford, MA

This district will be fortunate to have Karen Spiewak as its representative. She is purposeful and focused, and yet generous and compassionate. She solves problems to get things done, and yet, always is willing to learn more, and to pay attention to what others have to say. She honors her commitments and stands by her word, and yet seeks cooperation and consensus. This is the way she lives her life, and it is the way she will serve this community as state representative. I know from twenty years of working together that no one works harder, or smarter, or could be more dedicated to the best interests of our district.
Monique Lemaire, Charlton

Karen is honest, works hard, and gets things done. She understands teamwork. This community is lucky to have her.
Brian Ravenelle, Dudley

Karen will work tirelessly and do what is right to ensure a bright future for our towns. Karen is a beacon of light in very dark fiscal times. Her new ideas, attention to detail and pure intelligence will carry us out of the dark and into bright future.
Gerrie Nowicki, Charlton

Karen always looks at all sides of an issue and I admire that about her. Over the years we have worked on many different things and she always did her homework.
Janet Blasius, Charlton

We've known Karen over 20 years. She has always been one to put her all and then some into whatever endeavor she is involved in ~ from PTO and school committee and more recently in the political arena. We believe in Karen and trust in her commitment to the people.
Peter and Cindy Roberts, Charlton

Karen Spiewak's record of public service speaks for itself. I have worked with her in the past, on the Charlton Library Capital Campaign Committee. Karen is committed to getting results! She is well educated, inclusive, fair and honest. I have no doubt she will listen to the needs of the constituents and do her best to make things happen in the Sixth Worcester District as our next State Representative! She has my support 100%!
Caryl Sprague Cloutier, Charlton

I have known Karen for 10 years and have worked with her on many community improvement projects. She does her research and is well prepared. She works diligently and collaboratively to achieve desired outcomes. Karen will work hard to represent the 6th District.
Lois Sugrue, Charlton

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Karen is THE ONLY Democratic candidate for the 6th Worcester District November 4th.
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